Boda Boda insurance is a form of motorcycle insurance that is specific to motor cycles used in the transportation of passengers. There are two main types of boda boda insurance namely third party only and comprehensive. 

Third Party Only Insurance protects against liabilities that arise from losses or injury to other people caused by your motor cycle. Comprehensive Insurance on the other hand protects against third party liabilities and also compensates the motorcycle owner for losses caused by fire, theft or accidents.

Boda Boda insurance doesn’t insure the motorcycle rider against losses related to his/her accidental injury or death. It is therefore important for the motorcycle rider to purchase medical insurance so as to enjoy medical treatment services or personal accident insurance so as to be compensated for financial losses related to his/her bodily injury, disability or death.

This insurance has a passenger legal liability component that protects the motorcycle owner against legal liability losses incurred by the passengers.

The following comprehensive and third party only boda boda insurance is taken through Trident insurance company. This selection is proposed by Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd based on convenience, benefits, features, relationships and price. Kindly email us through to get a quote from your preferred underwriter.


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