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Bulb Camera

Product Description: This camera works in a very simple way thus making it more efficient and user friendly to every person.It works with both Android phones and IOS Phones .The mechanism of using its own WiFi connection mode makes it more efficient thus it does not require internet connection to connect with your phone.It records motion pictures and audio also can be used to light your home at the same time.It is also equipped with night vision so it’s perfect for cases of theft.

Specification: 1.360 degree panoramic fisheye view. 2. Connects to WiFi network and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 3. Can also work WITHOUT WiFi 4. LED Bulb light can be remotely switched ON or OFF via the App 5. Supports both Iphone and Android phones 6. Has a Two way talk back feature 7. 32GB memory card can take up to 2 weeks of recording both video and audio 8. Has night vision capability. NB (Memory card NOT included in the price)

You can get this Camera at a discount price of Ksh 6000/- only

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