Commercial Vehicle Protection

Getting the right cover for you

Third Party Only Insurance protects against liabilities that arise from losses or injury to other people caused by your vehicle. Comprehensive Insurance on the other hand protects against third party liabilities and also compensates the vehicle owner for losses caused by fire, theft or accidents.

Commercial motor vehicle insurance doesn’t compensate the driver nor the passengers for accidental injury or death. It is therefore recommended that one purchases personal accident insurance or medical insurance so as to enjoy such benefits.

Since commercial vehicles are often driven by employees it’s important for the vehicle owner to purchase Work Injury Benefits Act(WIBA) for his/her driver and assistant. Employers are required by law to purchase this form of insurance that compensates their employees or next of kin where applicable for accidental injury, disability or death in the course of their work. The employer can also purchase a Group Personal Accident Insurance to compensate his/her employees for accidental injury, disability or death past working hours.

The following comprehensive vehicle insurance is taken through Madison Insurance Co. Ltd whereas third party only insurance is taken through Trident insurance company. These selections are proposed by Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd based on convenience, benefits, features, relationships and price. Kindly email us through to get a quote from your preferred insurance underwriter.

Comprehensive Insurance

Third Party Only Insurance

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