Medical Insurance protects the insured against incurring financial losses related to medical expenses. The holder of this insurance is usually given a medical insurance card as evidence of insurance. The insurance company then allows the insured to receive medical attention from short listed hospitals up to specified amounts for the prescribed services. 

The primary type of medical insurance is referred to as inpatient medical insurance. Inpatient medical insurance pays for expenses related to one being admitted in a hospital.

In addition to inpatient insurance one can also purchase outpatient medical insurance. Outpatient medical insurance pays for medical related expenses when one visits a hospital but isn’t admitted.

Other additional insurance covers that can be purchased include: optical, dental and maternity covers. It is important to note that family medical insurance covers only parents and their children; hence normally a person under the age of 18 cannot solely have medical insurance in the absence of the parent. A child can also only enjoy similar benefits as either of the parents, for example a child cannot have outpatient insurance when the parent only has inpatient insurance.

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