Personal accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance provides benefits in the event of death or disablement resulting from an accident, which must have an external, violent and visible cause. A fixed benefit amount is paid to the person insured in the case of loss of sight, hearing, speech, dismemberment or paralysis resulting from an accident. In the event of death, benefits are paid to a beneficiary or legal personal representative. 

The personal accident insurance also covers medical expenses from an accident. 

This insurance can also be extended to include immediate family members: spouse and children. People can also purchase personal accident insurance as a group; this is commonly referred to as Group Personal Accident Insurance.

NOTE: For personal accident insurance one usually pays for the medical expenses related to the accident then claims for a refund from the insurance company. This claim has to be supported with valid receipts which are evidence of costs incurred at the hospital. 

In addition to personal accident insurance, one is recommended to have medical insurance. Medical Insurance supports direct admission and treatment up to a specified limit from a selected panel of quality hospitals in the event of an accident. This means that the injured will not be required to pay for his medical costs upfront but the doctors will instead run his/her medical insurance card to cater for the medical bills.

Personal Accident insurance commonly categorizes applicants into two risk classes:

Class I
Persons engaged solely in professional, administrative, clerical and non-manual occupations generally such as accountants, architects, auditors, bankers, clergymen, clerks, dentists, lawyers, medical practitioners, secretaries, stockbrokers, surgeons and teachers.

Class II
Persons engaged in work of supervisory nature and others not in Class I, whose duties do not involve the use of tools or machinery or expose them to any special hazard such as auctioneers (not livestock), builders (superintending), civil engineers, commercial travelers, estate agents, farmers (superintending), decorators (superintending), grocers, hairdressers, merchants, pharmacists, plumbers (superintending), salesmen, tailors.

The following personal accident quote is taken from Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd. This selection is proposed by Online Advisors Insurance Agency Ltd based on convenience, benefits, features, relationships and price. Kindly email us through to get a quote from your preferred underwriter.

This Salient Features of this Personal Accident Plus Policy include:

1. Accidental death.
2. Accidental permanent disablement benefit being 150% of the sum insured under death benefit if the Insured Person is paralyzed or permanently confined to a wheelchair as a result of the accident
3. Cost of artificial appliances prescribed by a medical practitioner following an accident
4. Medical expenses
5. Hospital cash – payable to the insured person if hospitalized for more than two days
6. Funeral expenses catered for
7. Repatriation expenses if insured is injured outside the country
8. Flying doctors cover.

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