Prevention is better than cure

You have probably come across the saying that prevention is better than cure. Have you ever thought about the deep meaning of this old saying?

What costs more? What comes first? What’s most important?

Based on common sense, any rational person would consider prevention before cure and would place more value in the prior than the latter. Prevention has however taken a backseat in most priority decisions. This irony has seen people invest heavily in the cure part and under invest in the prevention part. This has proved to be an extremely costly affair that leads to unwarranted expenses and inconveniences to the involved parties.

These unfortunate misjudgement has crawled into the insurance business and resulted in losses to both the insured and the insurer. Insurance acts as a cure and not a prevention mechanism. A deeper understanding of why insurance exists might help us realize the true position of insurance in our day to day lives. Insurance serves the key purpose of compensation against insured losses. This means that for insurance to work, one has to have first suffered a loss? Some losses are preventable whereas others are beyond our control.

Most people overlook the preventable losses and suffer unwarranted losses.

What’s the need of having the best medical insurance cover and not taking the initiative to have a healthy lifestyle? The insurer will pay your medical bills but you also lose (Being sick isn’t fun!)

What’s the need of having vehicle insurance when you don’t have a security measure in place to prevent losses related to your car? The insurer will compensate you for the losses but you suffer dearly for the risks associated with not having proper vehicle loss prevention measures in place.

What’s the need of having home insurance when you don’t have a burglar proof system to your house? The insurer will pay for losses incurred when thieves break in and steal your stuff…But it’s not a great experience having uninvited persons bulging into your house when you and your family are asleep!

It’s for this reason why we came up with

Hey! prevention is better than cure. Having insurance is good, but having both in insurance and protection measures is Better!

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