Made for business.

The SME Policy is a comprehensive insurance package policy specifically designed to suit small to medium sized business and/or office operations. The policy has several Sections


Indemnity against Loss, Destruction or Damage occasioned by fire, lightning, bushfire, full explosion, earthquake (subterranean fire, shock and volcanic eruption), riot, strikes, malicious damage and other special perils.

Quotation Requirements: Values and schedule of the items to be insured i.e. Building, Machinery, stock, Furniture, fittings, fixtures, office equipment etc.
Location of property
Rate: 0.125%

This provides cover against loss or damage to property following forcible, violent entry or exit from the insured premises. Assets such as office equipment, stock in trade are usually covered.

Quotation Requirements: Value and schedule of items to be insured with the values
Location of property
Rate: 0.5%-0.25%

Provides cover against accidental physical loss or damage to specified items as a result of any cause which is not specifically excluded from the policy. This includes theft, fire, riot and strike, accidental damage and any other cause not excluded under the policy)

Quotation Requirements: Schedule of items to be insured including their values, serial numbers, models i.e.: laptops, cameras etc.
Rate: 0.75%

Provides indemnity against direct pecuniary loss resulting from fraud or dishonesty of employees.

Quotation Requirements: Limits of exposure per employee/any one year
Rate: 0.4%

Payments of benefits as defined resulting from accidental death/injury to the insured person(s).

Quotation Requirements: Schedule of Employees with gross salaries or benefits required
Rate: Five years 0.10%
Three years 0.75%

Covers loss of money by theft whilst:
In transit from premises to the bank and vice versa
In premises during business hours and outside business hours.
In the hands of senior employees/authorized personnel of the company
Damage to safes and /or strong rooms.

Quotation Requirement: Limits of Exposure. i.e. cash in transit, cash in the premises during working hours. etc.
Rate: On EAC 0.05%-0.02%
Others 0.05%-5%

Provides indemnity against legal liability to third parties in respect of accidental death, bodily injury and / or illness and / or loss of or damage to property incurred by the Insured in the course of the Insured’s business.

Quotation Requirements: Limits of Liability required i.e. Anyone occurrence, Any one period
Rate: 0.05%-0.15%

Indemnity for legal liability under Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) 2007, in respect of accidental death, bodily injury or illness/disease to employees as declared arising out of and in the course employment.

Quotation Requirement: Schedule of employees indicating salaries and job descriptions.
Rate: As per Tariff

Indemnifies the insured in respect of death or injury to employees (including temporary and casual employees) arising out of and in the course of their employment at common law.

Quotation Requirements: Schedule of employees indicating salaries and job descriptions.
Rate: 25%, 30%,35%, 40% of WIBA Premium

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